Equestrian Innovations – RainbOS

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25 Responses to “Equestrian Innovations – RainbOS”

  1. LazerBrony

    “Dubstep banned in Cloudsdale”?! Well, time to move to the Everfree forest.

  2. Christian Reed

    cerial i think you have been working to hard.

  3. stalk1001

    I don’t know why, but videos I watched today have awesome endings…

  4. ganondorfchampin

    Thank Celestia that dubstep was banned in Cloudsdale.

  5. benblue3

    If RainbOS is the pony version of iOS, it still sucks.

  6. Pixie McPixieton

    Soooo… this anti-alicorn spray you mentioned…does it…work as
    advertised? I only ask because…a friend of mine, yes, a friend, needs to
    deal with a certain…shall we say “alicorn infestation” in Canterlot so
    she…I mean he can take his rightful place as Queen…I mean King…I mean
    take a picnic in peace, they’re simply everywhere…especially if you’ve
    got cake.

  7. ApertureInnovations

    This is hilarious.

  8. Flash Sentry

    Dubstep banned in Cloudsdale? Those poor, poor pegasi.

  9. Wolffang731

    0:34 “The solution like most of life’s solutions is to make it smaller”
    Tell that to my crotch.

  10. Blank Flank

    RainbOS? More like Rainbow Ass :P

  11. FleeForce

    like the art style, hurry up and make a theme for android already

  12. PureZOOKS

    Isn’t it pronounced “Rainbow S”?

  13. Lefteyebrony

    now i need this OS, I WANT THIS OS NOW!!!!^^

  14. Holland Oats

    I think “rainbow-ess” would be a good way to pronounce that, if a little
    Sailor Moon

  15. Screw Loose

    You forgot the sign off!

  16. aczom2

    I think it’s more Android OS, but with more pony and a clever name.

  17. Static Blitz

    Well…just the banning reference

  18. David Nettey

    But does it work on zebras?

  19. Timmo Warner

    The truth is revealed!

  20. PegaStar13


  21. x00Warhawk00x

    Thank Celestia for horn supplements!

  22. אוהד זהר

    Shut up and take my money

  23. DeltaKey911

    I would like to place my order for one of these fanatic devices. Does it
    come in Blue?

  24. RAZE R

    You provided the link for the song at the end, but not the actual song
    name… can you tell me what it is?

  25. MoarPony

    If anypony makes an MLP OS, I’ll take the risk of screwing up my computer
    forever by attempting a triple-boot along with my Windows and Ubuntu.

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