Flowerhill Equestrian Centre, Ireland 2012

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9 Responses to “Flowerhill Equestrian Centre, Ireland 2012”

  1. 812horsey

    What’s the lighter piebald called? 

  2. KeepCalmAndJumpOn

    Ok I asked him and he said speckles would be perfect for me!:)

  3. KeepCalmAndJumpOn

    And the white one with the freckles!:)

  4. KeepCalmAndJumpOn

    Sorry one more question, what is the name of the chestnut with the white
    bits in the mane and how tall is he/she?:)

  5. KeepCalmAndJumpOn

    Thanks so much, will have a video up of it so maybe let you know?:-) thanks

  6. KeepCalmAndJumpOn

    Okay, thankyou, sorry to ask again but how much is one hour? Thanks so much
    going there soon!

  7. KeepCalmAndJumpOn

    Hi! What are the prices for it?

  8. 812horsey

    This looked amazing !

  9. RedHyuuga

    It WAS amazing! I’m definitely going back!! :D

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