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25 Responses to “Show Jumping compilation.wmv”

  1. Yogi

    @StorminHome I have one, they are different accounts :)

  2. Yogi

    @ponyjumper1000 No, you don’t have to pay, it’s free =)

  3. Kay Graham

    finally a game where the horse changes its leads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Veronika Nordberg

    I’m thinking of creating an account. Do you want me to put you as
    recruiter? In that case I need your username (probably?)

  5. kiesha perry

    @yoyoyogzz Could you please to a video on how to download the game?

  6. Msmusicca

    yoyoyogzz who is this user? Or who owns it ? Lucyleila

  7. KaliAppaloosaBlog

    Hey yoshi… its me Jezzie :) hehe long time no see eh?….just wanna
    say… the fb version is kinda… boring then the regular… the older one
    was SOOO much fun! i miss it sooo much! i hope we can get the older one
    back :’( Love, Jezziballa

  8. Yogi

    @Rainy333 you can if you wish, its yogi9644 but now the game is free there
    is no need to put a recruiter in the box, that was just there when the game
    was paid & you could get free playtime by doing this :)

  9. GoffinAround13

    So does this mean the downloadable version of riding club championships
    will not be free? Only the facebook version will? I’ve heard the new
    version stinks…

  10. Yogi

    No, you can only have one horse and those markings are not available in
    this version yet, but we hope they may be in the future :)

  11. Msmusicca

    @yoyoyogzz okay , but the won with a type of yellow horse. ?

  12. GoffinAround13

    @yoyoyogzz Also, does this mean if we have the “old downloaded version”
    that we will have to update and play the new version? Or can we stick to
    our old one? Thank youu!

  13. Alice Clough

    The facebook game is no longer working for me?

  14. okkias okhdah

    The new game on facebook is bad we want the old back !!!!!

  15. Ana Sofia Nuñez

    So, If i sucribe now it is not going to work? Guatemala!

  16. Yogi

    Hi, yes :)

  17. kathren paley

    i miss this game :(

  18. Ciara O'Brien

    the facebook one would be better if you could clean your horse.. just
    saying ;)

  19. kiesha perry

    @yoyoyogzz Okay xxxx

  20. Yogi

    @Anaso96 Hi, the game was free but has now closed down, there will be a new
    free version coming to Facebook soon

  21. Yogi

    @ponyjumper1000 yes, you got a 2 hour free trial to see if you liked the
    game & to see if it would run on your pc. Now it’s totally free.

  22. Yogi

    @Northernlightifly It was losing money at the old rate, so although a nice
    suggestion, it would be even less then =)

  23. Yogi

    it wont no, we have explained all the reasons on the website news page, but
    we are working on a new free version to be released on Facebook very soon,
    in the description under the video you will find a link to that page :)

  24. xXlucisomloverXx

    I miss the old game so much :( its so sad it had to be closed :/ maybe
    people would buy it if it was sold as a “normal” game? i know i would :)

  25. Yogi

    I used a program called Fraps :)

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